3 Year Unlimited Mile Transferable Nationwide Warranty on Factory Remanufactured Transmissions

Remanufactured Transmission Experts in Fredericksburg Virginia

These procedures take anywhere from 3 to 5 days. Your transmission will come from your vehicle manufacturer or reputable independent remanufacturing facility with all necessary updates required to help your transmission last longer than the factory unit. We will install the unit along with any updated external sensors that are prone to wear and corrosion over time to insure your vehicle stays on the road and does not have to return to our shop again.

We have completed the entire behind the scenes process to provide top quality remanufactured transmissions. We only work with Experienced, Ethical, Quality companies to provide you with a comprehensible 3 Year Unlimited mile Transferable nationwide warranty.

Transmission overhaul Fredericksburg VA


“I was having problems with the vehicle transmission slipping, The shop took a look - thinking the issue could have been an inexpensive sensor and not an expensive transmission repair. I was shocked by their honesty.... transmission shops can really take advantage of people.

Ultimately, I had to get the transmission repaired. He went thru the options - a new rebuilt one, used one from a junk yard, or get sell the vehicle as is. They were helpful and honest - and gave me several days to think it thru the options with out pushing a choice.

I went with a rebuilt transmission with a 3 year warranty - I am very happy with the work and definitely recommend them.”

- Yelp Review