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We offer Discounted Rates on Classic Car Upgrades such as:
Overdrive Transmission Install, Fuel Injection, Disc Brake Upgrades, etc.

Trans Tech Transmission Specialists Estimate Request

3 Year Unlimited Warranty on Factory Remanufactured Transmissions

For a Price Quote on Remanufactured Transmission including installation & taxes, complete the Contact and Vehicle Information below. Note that your Vehicle Make, Model, Year and ID Number (VIN) are Required and can be found on your Insurance Card or Vehicle Registration or Title.

We will call you as soon as possible at the number & time you specify with exact match transmission for your vehicle which includes a 3 Year 100,000 mile nationwide warranty.

If your vehicle is not operational we are happy to arrange towing to our shop.

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In order to troubleshoot transmission problems accurately, we must have the car. If you are having any of the following issues with your vehicle’s transmission, you may call for appointment or drop off at any time for troubleshooting, evaluation, diagnostics and accurate cost estimates.
Transmission fluid Brown / Discolored / Leaking
Transmission in Gear but Vehicle not Moving
Transmission Slipping
Transmission Not Engaging
Transmission Popping out of Gear
Transmission Disengaging while Vehicle is Moving
Transmission Knocking or Pinging Idling or Moving
Transmission Stuck in Position ie Drive/Park/Reverse
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